About New Hampshire Trail Dawgs

New Hampshire Trails was established in 1994 by a group of dedicated snowmobile enthusiasts who desired a more comprehensive and connected trail system close to home.  Like many clubs, it is 100% volunteer run and operated, a statement that is still true to this day. It took two years to establish a track that resembled a snowmobile trail and the trail has only grown and improved since then. Today, the New Hampshire Trail Dawgs maintains just over 20 miles of trails that stretch from Bear Book State Park in Allenstown, NH to Rt 129 in Loudon, NH. The club maintains 18 miles of Corridor Trail 15,  and small section of Primary trail 360 in partnership with the Ft. Mountain Trail Winders as well as a host of local loops. New Hampshire Trail Dawgs is bordered by three other clubs, Southern New Hampshire Snow Slickers, Ft. Mountain Trail Winders, and the Snow Shakers, which results in a inter-connected snowmobile trail system with many potential destinations. The New Hampshire Trail Dawgs are members of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA), which is an organization of all the snowmobile clubs in New Hampshire.